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A comfy handle that allows you to easily pick up your sleeve and go.
Optional inner padded pocket for your mouse/charger.

SpaceSuit Laptop Sleeve

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Worldwide Shipping · Ships In 5-8 Business Days · 30 Day Returns

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Custom tailored specifically to your laptop's dimensions and fits comfortably in your hand no matter big or small. All we need is your laptop model and we will do the rest of the magic.
Waterproof tarp canvas on the outside protects your laptop from the weather while you are on the move. In the middle, impact-resistant NBR padding keeps your laptop protected from bumps and knocks.
We go beyond conventional 4-color printing. CcMmYK instead of normal CMYK means the colors of your print are clearer and more accurate.
HP's print technology ensures your print is always in the best picture quality possible. We use only water-based ink that is non-poisonous and more eco-friendly.
Handles and inner padded pockets are also available as optional addons whether you prefer carrying your laptop by hand more or you need to keep your mouse/charger together.


Spacesuit tarpWaterproof Tarpaulin Vinyl
FoamNitrile Rubber Foam Padding
InteriorsCotton Fabric Interior