Transform Your Artwork Into Awesome Merchandise


Snupped Business Services empowers artists, businesses, and brands to extend their reach. We transform your works/media into high quality and functional products and handle everything from the manufacturing, customer service to shipping.

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How Does It Work?

Create And Upload Your Work

Upload your latest masterpiece and they will be instantly available for purchase on the Snupped marketplace. In addition, you can also direct your customers to your very own shop.

We Handle The Transactions

When someone purchases your products, we handle all the gritty bits of payments and credit card transactions.

We Make And Ship On Your Behalf

Once an order is received, we will print and manufacture your products. We also co-ordinate the shipping of your products so you don't need to wait in line at the post office.

We Also Handle Everything Else

Our support hero team is always available to handle any issues you or your customers may have.

Simple Pricing Structure

Snupped Marketplace

Selling your products on the Snupped Marketplace is absolutely free and there are NO hidden fees involved. Every type of product has a fixed margin that you will earn when sold. This margin is then adjusted according to any discounts that the customer may enjoy.

ProductYour Profit

Your Own Brand Store

The Brand Store is where all the fun is. For each type of product, Snupped sets a base price (to cover operational costs). You're the boss here, so you set the retail price of your products. Your profit is the margin in between.

Base Price$30
Retail Price (set by you)$50
Your Profit$20