Creator Program


Earn money by selling your artwork as products on Snupped. All you need to do is to upload your artwork while we handle the rest of the heavy lifting, from manufacturing, customer service to shipping.

To start selling, you will need to have a Snupped account first and then verify as an artist. Start selling now!

How Does It Work?

1. Create And Upload Your Work
Upload your artwork and it will be instantly available for sale in your Snupped Store.
2. We Do The Heavy Lifting
When a customer purchases your product, we handle everything from the credit card payments, manufacturing, customer service to shipping so that you can focus on creating more artwork!
3. Receive Payments For Your Sales
You get paid monthly for orders that have been shipped out. You can also track your earnings in your Artist Dashboard.

Your Artwork Rights Remain Yours

We employ a non-exclusive license, which means when you upload your artwork to us, you retain your rights to it. We also work with other retail partners to help sell your products, and do so in a way where you do not forfeit your rights as well.